High Carbon High Chromium Casting

Seeking a reputed high carbon high chromium casting manufacturer in West Bengal? Huston (India) Pvt. Ltd. is simply the name to trust. With a rich legacy of more than a decade, we are one of the most reliable companies engaged in manufacturing and supplying high carbon high chromium castings. Over the years, we have grown to become a leading manufacturer and supplier of high carbon high chromium castings for our clients all over the world.

At our organisation, we have the confidence and capability to meet the industrial needs of our customers by surpassing their expectations. Castings offered by us provide maximum value to our esteemed customers in terms of quality, flexibility, performance, safety and speed. The unmatched combination of our practical experience, technical expertise and responsiveness help us contribute to the business success of our clientele. With us by your side, be assured of availing quality steel castings at highly competitive prices.


Wide Applications Of High Carbon High Chromium Casting Manufacturer West Bengal

We are widely recognised as high carbon high chromium casting manufacturer in West Bengal by our customers. This bespeaks our prowess in the industry. Our quality high carbon high chromium casting is used in a varied range of tool making applications. Some of these typical applications include- blanking dies and punches for copper, stainless steel, zinc, brass and hard abrasive materials. Few other applications include-

  • cupping dies
  • sheet metal forming rolls
  • deep drawing dies
  • forming dies
  • thread rolling dies
  • cold extrusion dies

Why Choose Our High Carbon High Chromium Castings?

  • Qualified professionals who excel in providing fast, reliable and professional services
  • Manufacturers who can supply customised castings as per your specific needs
  • Superior quality steel castings at affordable prices
  • In-house advanced testing facilities
  • Castings manufactured in compliance with the highest quality standards
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